Our Achievements

  • 70 years of continuous shelter for blind, mentally challenged and destitute women, and children. Children of HIV positive parentage also given shelter.
  • Food, clothing and Toiletries provided in a healthy and clean environment
  • Medical Attention (by highly trained psychiatrists, psychologists, general and specialized practitioners from time to time)
  • Children with special needs studying in special schools with special focus and attention made available to them.
  • Children from disturbed homes and backgrounds live and attend school from here.
  • Abused and victimized women with children offered shelter
  • Inmates picked from various centers from within Maharashtra and all over India.
  • Schizophrenic women with violent tendencies, stigma attached and deep traumas are now medically treated and live in harmony and peace with other inmates.
  • Continuous help with colour therapy, visiting alternative remedy healers and therapists.