Women and Mental Health

In today’s modern times, with the fast pace and cut-throat competition brought about by too many people chasing too few resources, the stress levels are obviously high. Inappropriate handling of the inevitable stressors causes emotional disturbances. This distress leads to:

  • Reduced efficiency.
  • Interpersonal conflict.
  • Psychogenic ailments.
  • So we pay a heavy price for our modern day lifestyle.

    While this is the common plight of all people, a woman is more vulnerable. Apart from the traditional role as a homemaker which involves attending to household chores, bring up children as well as marital and social obligations, most women also handle more than their share of responsibilities in their professional roles. As if this double whammy wasn’t enough, a woman has also to contend with yet another burden imposed by biological factors.

    The hormonal changes at Menarche, during menstrual cycles, in the post-partum period and at menopause, produce biochemical neurotransmitter imbalances at the junction of the nerves leading to biogenic mental disorders – premenstrual syndrome, post-partum psychosis, post menopausal syndrome etc.