Our Services

Andhakshi is dedicated to the mental and spiritual health of our women and children using medication as well as alternative therapies. To widen our horizons and to reach more people, we have created a Sacred space in Andhakshi which gives mental, emotional and spiritual guidance to people. Sacred space offers sessions and classes of alternative therapies. Stress management courses, group and individual counseling etc.

Healing and counseling has helped our residents to accept Andhakshi as their own home. This calms and relaxes them. Once they accept this institution as their own home they (if possible) involve themselves in day-to-day functioning like cleaning their place, making their beds etc.

Breathing excerises have helped them with dealing with issues in their personalities. meditation and satangs guides them to an appropriate approach towards life.Allternative therapies like colour light also works on them at physical, mental and emotional level. Physically, they feel better as their pains/aches are reduced. Their immunity levels increase. Mentally and emotionally they feel secure, safe and strong. Their anger and irritability is reduced. This also helps to have better understanding with their fellow inmates

Destitute women and children suffering from disorders like bipolar, obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia etc. live in this institution. Also, it is the home for women who are physically and mentally abused and have no place to stay. These kinds of people need special attention and skills from their attendants. Sometimes, the staff is demotivated and cannot accept the unreasonable behavior of the women residents depending on their illness, may become violent, refuse to eat or cooperate and may throw tantrums. Apart from medication they need extra love and attention. For the staff putting extras…… becomes very stressful. Meditations and counseling helps them to keep motivated to continue their job. This encourages them to talk, express, vent out their feelings, frustration, anger and strike peace with them. And helps them to improve their relations with colleagues as well as inmates.